Wednesday, October 5, 2011

VIDEO: Fancy Dressed People on Wall Street Mock Protesters By Drinking Champagne

America 20xy


By Andrew Steele

This video from the “Occupy Wall Street" protests shows people (supposedly Wall Street traders) in formal attire mocking protesters from a balcony by drinking champagne.

While obviously this brazen mockery of angry protesters by supposed Wall Street elites is worthy of reporting, I urge members of the public to please be wary of their reactions to provocations like this, and really consider what they’re protesting by focusing on realistic solutions that don’t lead to chaos and making our national problems worse. Though the people drinking champagne in this video may very well just be arrogant citizens playing with fire, there’s also a possibility that we are all being set up for an intelligence backed, ultra-socialist American “color revolution” like the fake ones that have already toppled Middle Eastern governments. Delivering the nation into the hands of an angry mob, and eventually further into the hands of those who have caused our current problems, is not a solution…just a New World Order built out of chaos.

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