Sunday, October 16, 2011

US Communist Party Supports #OccupyWallStreet
Solidarity with “Occupy Wall Street” — Teleconference Oct 11
by: John Bachtell
October 7 2011

This is an exciting time! Thousands of mainly young people have been occupying Wall Street for three weeks already, and the “Occupy Movement” has spread to more than 200 other cities. On Oct. 6 the actions spread to our nation’s capital.

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) will hold a national teleconference to discuss it.

A big challenge for the CPUSA and left, progressive movements is to link these demonstrations with the labor led all-people’s coalition and help deepen understanding that the path to progress must be through electoral and political action including defeating Republican Tea Party reaction in 2012.

Of primary importance is linking it with the burgeoning fight for jobs and especially passage of the American Jobs Act.

We can also play a role in offering more advanced programmatic ideas like nationalizing the banks and socialism.

To have a positive impact, the CPUSA and YCL must be a part of the “Occupy” movement, participating at every level and building greater local support for the actions among labor and progressive forces.

Heavy Handed Mods In The Occupy Wall Street Global Revolution Livestream Chat Rule With Iron Fist

The Intel Hub
October 15, 2011

As the Occupy Wall Street Protests continue to gain ground, a startling new trend has emerged within the Global Revolution Livestream chat.

This livestream page has over 250,000 Facebook likes and is the main place most people go to find out up to date information on what is happening at the Occupy protests.

During the first 10 days of the protests the chat was full of thousands of people will different ideas and many many who wanted to end the Federal Reserve and expose the REAL powers that control this country.
Sometime after the first 10 days of the protest, the moderators of the chat decided to crack down on all political speech that doesn’t demand the end of capitalism and blame ALL our problems on the puppet corporations.

We are literally talking about banning anyone who says end the fed or even brings up the private banking cartel that openly runs this country. These heavy handed moderators, pretending to represent the 99%, are actually acting more like the 1%, telling the chatters that, “we just don’t question the moderators here.”
These mods then go on to talk about how political speech is banned in the chatroom as the livestream plays clips of political leftist and Current TV(owned by Al Gore) host Keith Olbermann.

Chatters who want to speak about the real powers that rule this country are then told to go to some obscure chatroom with less than a dozen people in it compared to the thousands who frequent the main Global Revolution livestream.

Who are these mods and who decided to ban all talk about the private federal reserve? This is a very serious deveolopment that threatens to undermine the entire movement.

How are we supposed to believe these protests represent the 99% when only those on the extreme left are able to push their views in the livestream that started the whole occupy protests?

As long as chatters promote ending captalism and blaming EVERYTHING on the corporations, their political speech is acceptable. Only when chatters speak about real issues is the rule about no politics in the chat brought up.

I have personally witnessed dozens if not hundreds of people being banned by these freedom hating moderators. If you have been banned in the chat for simply speaking your mind about the private federal reserve please comment on this article and let us know about your experience with the mods who cannot be challenged in the supposed Global Revolution Livestream.

Note: I am obviously NOT talking about banning people for trolling and disrupting the movement. It is important that there are mods who do ban trolls but rather then do this, these moderators have shown their absolute support for the Federal Reserve by pretending that anyone that talks about it is a troll.

Incredible Speech By Wall Street Protester "End The Fed" 2011

American Nazi Party Supports Occupy Wall Street

Louie Bee
Occupy Wall Street Deception

This is one of the very things that needs to be careful of allowing to infiltrate. As you may or may not have been noticing we are trying to weed out the idiots that are trying to destroy any potential these protest may have.

Now the American Nazi Party has shown their support of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The American Nazi Party released an ‘Official Statement’ about the Occupy Wall Street Movement:  READ HERE

What are you going to prevent this racial divide because, that what will happen if they allow skin heads to join. Whatever message will be polluted when you start bringing racial bigotry to it. Most modern people get turned off when they hear anything racially insensitive. The American Nazi Part will destroy Occupy Wall Street.

CONFIRMED: Bloomberg Running #OWS Op
Here's The Real Reason Why The Occupy Wall Street Protesters Aren't Getting Kicked Out Of Zuccotti Park
Robert Johnson
October 11, 2011

Coming on the heels of the Solyndra debacle, the Obama administration has just approved a $168.9 million loan guarantee for the Granite Reliable wind farm project owned by Brookfield Asset Management (BAM).

Among its many holdings BAM owns Brookfield Renewable Power, which owns the Granite Reliable and it also owns Brookfield Office Properties, whose holdings include the now famous Zuccotti Park.

The Department of Energy finalized the loan guarantee less than a week after Occupy Wall Street protesters took to Zuccotti Park, and with the Obama administration's Tuesday endorsement of the protests, rumors are starting to circulate that this could be the reason Brookfield is allowing protesters to remain on its property.

The Granite Reliable Power Project under construction in Coos Bay, New Hampshire is the state's largest wind farm and the New Hampshire Union Leader questions why Brookfield would need federal subsidies at all, particularly following the bankruptcy of Solyndra.

Mayor Bloomberg's announcement Monday that protesters could remain as long as they liked, also raised a few eyebrows and it turns out he has a personal connection to Brookfield as well. The mayor's longtime domestic partner Diana Taylor is on the Board of Directors at Brookfield Properties along with John E. Zuccotti himself.