Thursday, May 31, 2012

Occupy Bilderberg 2012

Occupy Bilderberg faces off with secretive gathering

Published: 01 June, 2012, 00:32

Russia Today

Around 150 of the world’s elite approached the grounds of a suburban Virginia hotel on Thursday for the first day of the 2012 Bilderberg Conference, but also on hand were throngs of protesters who gathered to opposed the top-secret gathering.

Journalists and critics of the annual clandestine conference stationed themselves outside of a Chantilly, Virginia Marriott hotel near Washington, DC early Thursday to catch a glimpse of the government officials, entrepreneurs and other assorted members of the privileged elite who had gathered for this year’s event.

In year’s past, it is rumored that leaders of the United States and Britain were agreed on by global figureheads behind closed doors during the Bilderberg Conference; this week in Virginia, speculators have introduced the notion that international big-wigs will be brought with questions surrounding both who to back during the 2012 US presidential election and who will be picked to run alongside GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

“Policy is being set there and this is one of the most elite meetings out there,” radio host Alex Jones told RT weeks before the event. On Thursday, Jones and his media crew were in Chantilly, VA to expose this year’s attendees.

Before the event went underway, the only person confirmed to accept an invitation to the 2012 conference was Canadian politician Alison Redford, although frequent guests Henry A. Kissinger and David Rockefeller were all but certain to stop by the Westfield Marriott hotel, although last year’s roster included names such as Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Greek Minister of Finance George Papaconstantinou. In a peculiar change of police, however, the Bilderberg Group formally released a roster of their own invited members days before this week’s event. Whether or not people liked such as Citigroup Vice Chairman Peter Orszag or Finish Minister of Finance Jutta Urpilainen will actually show is a matter that only those at the behind-closed-doors event can confirm, but the action of actually releasing a list of attendees-real or not — suggests that opponents of the secret society have finally made their unrest heard to the point that organizers decided to attempt for at least some transparency.

Asked to be in attendance this year, according to a memo released by the Bilderberg Group, were many of the usual names as well as Sen. Marco Rubio, whose name has been floated as a possible nominee for Mitt Romney’s running mate.

Those without an invite weren’t so lucky, though — Jones revealed only two days before the event began that his reservation at the hotel had been revoked and that anyone not directly affiliated with the conference that planned to stay at the Marriott had their accommodations transferred to a separate facility. Thanks in part to exposing the conference, however, journalists such as Jones made it possible for a longstanding media blackout of Bilderberg to finally be removed in 2012. Speaking to RT earlier in the year, Jones appealed to viewers to stage an “Occupy Bilderberg” protest outside the hotel’s grounds and the subsequent media coverage that followed allowed for mainstream outlets to cover the event with an attention unmatched in years before.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

9/11 Truth Spring And Bilderberg Spring

Saman Mohammadi May 29, 2012

We witnessed the Arab Spring which has so far produced little meaningful change on the ground. Then came the American Spring in the form of Occupy Wall Street. Now, people are talking about a Euro Spring.

But these little springs will all be overshadowed by the 9/11 Truth Spring, which will lead to a Global Spring. And, then, maybe, a Cosmic Spring.

Why not dream big? The sky is the limit. The stars are the destination. The journey is in the telling.

The 9/11 Truth Spring is not just about the mass realization that 9/11 was an act of state terrorism by the Mossad and CIA to justify the U.S./Israeli wars against the people of the Middle East. It is about the triumph of truth, logic, and facts over illusions and lies. It represents the spring and growth of human consciousness. Humanity is waking up, reclaiming history, and taking destiny in its own hands.

Numerous polls that have been conducted worldwide over the last decade show that the majority of the world does not believe in the official mythic narrative of the 9/11 events. The insane governments of Israel, America, and England have very little public support in the international community. Bush, Blair, and Netanyahu are known as war criminals in every village and city in the world. They are outcasts, and have been thrown out of the human family.

9/11 Truth Spring is mankind’s message to these diabolical and sick leaders that they are not gods who can control history and human memory, and that they will be judged and punished in this life.

II. Bilderberg Spring People who mentioned the Bilderberg group five years ago were laughed out of the room. Now, the group’s infamous name and secret agenda are on the mind of millions around the world. The criminal Bilderbergers who have plotted against mankind in the darkness for decades are scared of the new light that’s shining on them and their mysterious discourses.

Bilderberg apologists in the media still claim that nothing special goes on inside Bilderberg’s annual global symposium. But then why the secrecy? Why was knowledge of the elitist group’s existence suppressed for so long from the global public?

They have something to hide, and it isn’t pretty. They destroyed the Western democratic experiment in the shadows, while pretending all these years that they never existed.

“Clearly, they run countries around the world, not voting citizens,” writes Adrian Salbuchi.

The Bilderberg Titans are afraid that the mortals of the world are waking up and protesting their illegal and destructive activities. They’re not the gods that they thought they were. They’re re-discovering the reality that the world can’t be controlled by a few forever, and they realize they will face the wrath of the world for secretly plotting against the growth and development of all of humanity.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 - The 0.01%

OP-ED: Occupy Bilderberg Wednesday, May 16, 2012 By David Swanson

We protest the G-8 and NATO, but not Bilderberg. Why?

Do you have to be xenophobic, paranoid, isolationist, or libertarian to protest a secretive gathering of over 100 billionaires, industrialists, media barons, and politicians working to shape our public sphere, or has the left dropped the ball? Is it time for Occupy to step in?

From May 31 to June 3, 2012, at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles Hotel, in Chantilly, Va., the Bilderberg Group is expected to gather behind closed doors. This exclusive club will rent the entire hotel, encircle it with armed guards, and keep everyone far away, including the media -- except for those special members of the media who will take part but never report a word of what goes on.

Wikipedia calls Bilderberg: "an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 120 to 140 guests from North America and Western Europe, most of whom are people of influence. About one-third are from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications. Meetings are closed to the public."

Bilderberg calls itself: "leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that Western Europe and North America" who hold "regular, off-the-record discussions" of "common problems - from trade to jobs, from monetary policy to investment, from ecological challenges to the task of promoting international security. . . . There usually are about 120 participants of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America. About one-third is from government and politics, and two-thirds from finance, industry, labour, education and communications."

Does this group of "leading citizens" look representative of the people's interests?

Bilderberg says this was its agenda four years ago:

* Cyber-terrorism * A Nuclear-Free World * Managing Financial Turbulence * US Foreign Policy Without Change * How Serious Are the Threats on Our Economies * Islam in Europe * Africa * Afghanistan, Challenge for the West * Iran-Pakistan * A Look at the Future * The Mounting Threat of Protectionism * Russia * After Bush: The Future of US-EU Relations * Current Affairs: US Elections

Scholars have credited Bilderberg with significant influence in all sorts of disastrous policies from NAFTA to the current push for war with Iran.

One analysis comes from Andrew Kakabadse, a management professor at the UK's Cranfield University:

"There is no conspiracy in Kakabadse's eyes, as Bilderberg has no formal influence whatsoever. 'On the other hand, it has the most tremendous influence since it shapes opinions at the highest levels. Bilderberg is for leaders what the annual medical conference is for doctors. In the latter, certain delegates are more active than others and at some stage the prevailing medical thinking is driven in one particular direction. These regular meetings shape the way the dominant medical theory and practice develops, to the point that the way things are going feels normal and nobody asks for the alternative to the dominant medical paradigms anymore.' The same can be said for world leadership, Kakabadse argues.

"British journalist Jon Ronson, who was invited to a conference by Bilderberg organisers, described the relationship between conference organisers and aspiring political leaders in attendance: 'They'll get an up-and-coming politician who they think may be president or prime minister one day, and as globalist industrialist leaders who believe that politics shouldn't be in the hands of politicians, they try and influence them with wise words in the corridors outside sessions.' Kakabadse calls this process 'smart power'. The shaping of the prevailing opinions amongst the world's leading decision-makers is 'so smart that people don't even know that they are being led', he says. 'In the end, they don't even realise that there are alternative questions to be asked.'"

Is this healthy for democracy?

Or is there a desperate need here for somebody to be mic checked?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wall Street Occupier Admits He Wants Free Shit

Occupy Fleabagger leader Harrison Schultz debates Sean Hannity on why Capitalism is wrong. In the debate Mr. Schultz is offended when it's inferred he may be a radical. He pose several conspiracy theories of how the cops sent rapists and vagrants to Zuccotti park in order to make the movement look bad. In summary he explains that: school, housing, daycare, information, transportation, etc. should all be free.