Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nothing Is Worse Than A Fool With A Cause

Government IS The Problem

The corporate message is MORE government not LESS because THEY write the LAWS!
Forget about healthcare and education and worry about FREEDOM AND THOUGHT.

An Image Says 1000 Words

Speaks for itself.

Realism Versus Utopianism

Eco-Nazis Prevent Public #OccupyDC General Assembly From Being Filmed

I can just imagine the Green Tyranny of the Venus Project right now.

Hope&Change VS Action&Sense

#Occupy Movement Does NOT Represent The 99%...Yet

When the problem and solution are both government, "We The People" are not involved.

Global Economic Crisis = Inside Job

The real terrorists are the banksters, not imaginary jihadists.

EndTheFed VS OccupyWallStreet

Be More Like This Guy

The original video:

Pop Quiz, HotShot

Impeach Obama, Stop The Wars

This is how it should be done.

AFL-CIO President Supports OccupyWallStreet