Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Point of this blog

Some of you may think that I am try to protect wall street hell fucking no. To hell with wall street and all the criminals there. However, I cant help but suspect that this Occupy wall street protest happening in lower manhattan, NYC.

1. How fast this movement got media attention.

Like the tea party, this occupy wall street movement has grown really fast and has gained tons of media attention either for and against it. I cant help but compare the media attention that 9/11 truth got took years to just get dismissal coverage like it was very unimportant just mention it to shut those people up type thing. Yet occupy wall street is being used as yet another way to play the stupid ass two party system like the tea party. Don't get me wrong I agree with the tea party and occupy wall street on certain things. Me personally I am a conservative libertarian but I am far from a liberal. In fact I have goals to be more independent and actively working towards those goals but that is a subject for another blog.

2. The communist/Socialist/Marxist infestation that is growing there.

A lot of people are calling for an end to capitalism. If the pure capitalism described by Marx ever existed, it has long since disappeared, as governments in the United States and many other countries have intervened in their economies to limit concentrations of power and address many of the social problems associated with unchecked private commercial interests. As a result, the American economy is perhaps better described as a "mixed" economy, with government playing an important role along with private enterprise. The thing is many of the issue we are having today could be resolved if we did have a pure capitalist free market system. Feel free correct me if I am wrong but along with that we reenacte Glass–Steagall Act

3. This an overall ineffective protest.

Watch this video Fascists love ineffective protest - FKN Newz 04-01-11

For these reasons I have no faith in these protest. Because they are asking for permission and not just practicing and fucking up the system by simply not participating. I believe the Individual Succession from society will work.

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