Friday, October 14, 2011

Steering Committee Running #OccupyWallStreet In Secret
The Secretive Inner Circle of 'Occupy Wall Street'
Robert Wenzel
October 12, 2011

John Carney has an excellent long essay detailing the sights and sounds of "Occupy Wall Street."

Carney's description pretty much falls in line with what I have seen at the two "Occupy DC" locations, one at Freedom Plaza and one at MacPherson Square. There are general assemblies, other meetings, planning and respect for one another.

But, the NYC "Occupy Wall Street" also has a secretive inner circle. Carney describes it this way:

Just a bit west of the library there is what appears to be the inner circle of Occupy Wall Street. Several people, many working on laptops powered by a portable generator, sit in an area closed off by tables.

Most people—including protesters—are kept out by beefy people whose blue arm bands mark them as members of the security group. Exactly what this secretive group is doing is not clear.

“They’re media relations, and outreach and planning,” one person said.

So why are outsiders being kept from the area? No one would answer.

And so, ironically, there’s a no trespassing policy enforced at Occupy Wall Street.

Obviously, a secretive inner circle is not good. The protesters outside the inner circle need to be asking this secretive inner core who they are communicating with and why.