Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED.

I had a weird feeling something was not right with this, the same way I feel about The Tea Party folks.  Why – because nothing every changes.
Photos © by Bud Korotzer
Vatic Note:  PLEASE NOTE TO TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN AT 4:12 ON THE VIDEO BELOW, because something happens to his video feed and the volume jumps when the police radio comes on.  He did an excellent job ferreting out the subtle and obvious mistakes they made in putting this bogus arrest situation together.  I consider this “reporter” on this bogus protest,  the “DUTCHSINSE” of the protest fukishima.   What we don’t know is if the Feds (Homeland security comes to mind) were in on this or was this fully funded by the bankers???  We don’t know.  I suggest we stay tuned as more and more  will come out as this exposure gets wider and wider.
Boy, did we call this one right.   I had hoped to be wrong since I would have loved to have this be Americans coming together and taking this big of a risk, however, with Soros funding this event,  the organization and orchestration was just too well planned and executed.   It means that the so called DEMANDS the protestors would have made, would have lead into what the bankers intended to have happen anyway.   Example:  DO AWAY WITH THE FEDERAL RESERVE!  Well, that is their plan when they globalize anyway.  Everything globally will be centralized in Switzerland at Rothschilds BIS bank which is the bankers bank.   There will be no “central banks of Europe” nor any “Federal Reserve Bank” in the USA.  They literally won’t be needed anymore.
They make it seem like they are horrible, so that when the demands are made we would accept them even if we would not have normally..  Its exactly like what has worked for them in the past to get ”The CIA/Mossad” Rebels to either be violent or to set up the take over and impliment their agenda and make  it look like it was our idea with the demands the group was going to offer. I have said before, ITS ARROGANT OF US TO THINK THEY WILL NOT PULL THIS DISINFO/PROPOGANDA BLACK OPS GARBAGE ON AMERICANS.  They are, they will, and they do. ITS ACTUALLY ILLEGAL.  I miss Senator Church.   He would have had them all in jail in about 5 seconds, including Soros.
Get this out to everyone, since this production is going to get larger and much more violent I bet.  Remember the “controlled opposition” neolib group called MOVEON.ORG is coming with their people.   Some Black ops, probably hired by Blackwater, to create violence to justify military.  By the way,  are those military who said they were going to come and protect the protestors, really ad hoc volunteers????  REMEMBER WHEN THE CANADIANS DID THIS TO THEIR PEOPLE?  THEY GOT CAUGHT AT IT.  If someone tries to get violent pull their mask off and see if they are a cop or military.   If you don’t know them then they are not with you.  Question is are they part of the game and the scam???  I suspect the latter.  Military intel or military black ops.   Damn.   Its come home folks.   They practiced all this in Afghanistan and Iraq , now they are refining it here in the USA.  They are going to do to us what they have done to the poor people overseas that they invaded.  It was bound to happen and we have some serious decisions to make now.     I should remember my promise to myself.  I BELIEVE NOTHING THEY SAY ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA.  I should have known since the MSM were playing this all day and night.  That is what they do,  promote the criminal mafia bankers agenda, traitors.
This video was excellent until he lost the audio for a while.  He had to type in what he wanted us to see and notice, but then it came back later.    But all his preliminary data was right on, as were the bits of the police calls he did manage to get proving what he was saying.  ALSO NOTICE THE WORD “POLICE” WRITTEN ON THE PAVEMENT WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO STAND.  This is done in any acting production for actors to know where to stand.   He points this out to us or we would have missed it.  I have been in plays before and that is exactly what happens especially when you know where the camera is going to be stationed.   That is why higher level police in white shirts were there.  They were coordinating, promoting their high level of concern for the potential problems, etc and its also why they told the crowd they could march on the road and why they led the people out into the middle of the bridge and then reniged on their approval for marching.  It was all a set up.  He was also right about what happens to a camera and the audio when you are jostled around and jerked around.  None of it happened with this cameraman.  Just another distraction.  They have to much money and time on their hands.  That is their problem.
We just don’t know if it was to try and stir up violence or if it was to lay a foundation for the so called “DEMANDS”  the “so called”  DEMONSTRATORS were going to put forth.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  LETS SEE IF THEY CALL FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE FED RESERVE  “WITHOUT THE AUDIT”….   DON’T FALL FOR IT.  As I said, they want violence in order to collect our guns through martial law AND/OR THEIR AGENDA FOUNDATION LAID HERE AND NOW.  Apparently that pepper spraying on those trapped girls was bogus as well.   They are good at this, I must say.

From: dallasgoldbug  | Oct 3, 2011  | 541 views for the truth.
It doesn’t take much to spot a fake drill like this one, but for those of you who are new to this, I present you with some evidence that cannot be overlooked. Combine that with a little common sense and thats all she wrote.

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