Friday, December 30, 2011

Occupy protests send GOP vote counting to secret location

he Iowa Republican party is moving its caucus night vote counting operation to an undisclosed location because of planned "Occupy Iowa Caucus" protests.

State GOP chair Matt Strawn was critical of the protests and said it's ironic that the Occupy movement is focusing on the Iowa caucuses.

"There's really no more grassroots process in American politics than the Iowa caucuses," Strawn said in an interview. "So it's a little puzzling why they'd choose to disrupt that process."

Strawn said the party is coordinating with local law enforcement to ensure smooth operations next Tuesday at the 1,774 precincts around the state.

"We're taking additional safeguards when it comes to the counting and tabulating and reporting of the caucus night results to make sure they're done in a timely and accurate fashion," he said.

In past years the counting took place at Republican Party headquarters, Strawn said. On Tuesday, it will happen at a secret location that will be known to the campaigns, which will have representatives on hand to view the vote count.

Strawn wasn't specific about caucus night concerns, but a handful of protesters were arrested on Wednesday trying to enter the Des Moines campaign headquarters of Mitt Romney.

Occupy activists from around the country have convened in Iowa to join local activists in an effort to draw attention to economic and political inequities.

Arthur Sanders, professor of politics at Drake University in Des Moines, said they area already succeeding by that measure.

"They see an opportunity to draw attention to what they think is important, which is a very different agenda than the Republican candidates have," he said. "They'll get the attention they want.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012 RAP NEWS episode 10: The year we've all been waiting for - 2012AD (or, if you ask a Mayan) - is finally here. What will happen? Will we see the poles shift or a paradigm shift? Will a rogue Sumerian planet smash into our solar system, plunging us into serfdom under the iron fist of a race of gold-hungry aliens? Or are the aliens already here? Or are all these merely humanity's collective projections of itself as it careens towards an ever-accelerating super-connected cyber-reality - whatever that means... One thing's sure, if 2011 was a prelude of things to come, 2012 is going to be one hell of a year. Now that it has arrived, are we ready? Join your host Robert Foster and his guests, Terrence Moonseed and General Baxter, as they conduct an in-depth rap analysis into the future, and humanity's place in it. Happy New YERA!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Negative Influence Of The Occupy Movement

As a man took possession of a foreclosed home in Southern California, the damage to the property included messages from those that support the Occupy Movement.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The False TeaParty-Occupation Paradigm

A perilous fallacy is that, in opposing one commonly held position, one must necessarily support what many characterize as its antithesis - when in fact the very binary opposition may arise from idiosyncratic grounds, with many logical alternatives possible. Mr. Stolyarov seeks to transcend the trap of binary thinking with regard to common portrayals of the "Occupy" protests - which neglect to recognize that there are few heroes on *either* side of this debacle, and that opposing the protesters does not commit one to supporting the establishment, or vice versa. Instead, a rational, philosophically grounded, liberty-oriented, civilization-preserving alternative is necessary. The campaign of Ron Paul offers one such alternative.

NWO Behind OccupyWallStreet Scam