Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy LA: Outnumbered By Young Idiots

Occupiers Are Useful Idiots

As hard as it is to believe, founder Joseph Farah once was a strong supporter of Socialism. How can this be? Isn't WND the leading independent online newspaper in the free world? Isn't the vast majority of its writings anti-Socialist, pro-free market and of a staunch Judeo-Christian worldview? Yes, yes, and yes. But when he was young and dumb, Joseph was an Occupier before Occupying was cool. The following are excerpts from an editorial by Joseph Farah that explains what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about.

A long while ago -- I was one of them, Joseph opened. In the late 60s and early 70s, I would have been out there with the Occupiers. These are the shock troops, the storm troopers of attempted socialist coups of the past.

Communists and Nazis often used such ruffians as tools to create chaos, instill fear and anxiety and bully their way to power.

This is the beginning of America's intifada. Many Americans are expecting these hooligans to go quietly into the night as the weather gets colder. But I know better. This is orchestrated at the highest levels of American power in expediting a coup that has been under way, in earnest, since Jan. 20, 2009.

If you want to understand the occupy movement, just think of Adolf Hitler's "brown shirts" or Benito Mussolini's "black shirts" to understand their inarticulate agenda -- from seething anti-Semitism to other absurd mindless scapegoating. They don't have any answers, but they have plenty of grievances.

Their minds have been twisted and manipulated to believe that they are victims of an evil system, rather than the dark truth that it is the Occupiers themselves who are perpetrators of an evil agenda.

Once Barack Obama assumed power he deliberately set out to break the back of the capitalist system. Handing out billions of dollars in cash to his supporters along the way, he knew he was unlikely to be re-elected -- at least not without the help of some 'shock troops' willing to do whatever is necessary. If it takes burning down businesses, they will do it. If it takes looting, they will do it. If it takes other forms of terrorism, they will do it.

This is not a spontaneous movement. This is orchestrated. The occupiers are simply marionettes at the end of strings. And they will do whatever is required of them by their puppet masters.