Friday, October 7, 2011

Fed Chief Bernanke Sympathizes with 'Occupy Wall Street'

Louie Bee Asks: How much do we have to dig up for you to realize that Occupy Wall Street is a Psyop.

‘Economic terrorist’ Behind Wall Street protests? Radical’s plan: ‘Bring down stock market’ ‘Literally cause a new financial crisis’.

By Aaron Klein

Stephen Lerner, a controversial anti-Capitalist SEIU organizer, is one of the forces behind the protests on Wall Street and nationwide, according to quotes obtained by a socialist activist who doubles as a Washington Post columnist.

KleinOnline was first to report, Lerner was the brainchild of some of the economic protest templates being used by the Occupy Wall Street campaign.

Lerner recently laid out a mass economic protest plan intended to bring down the stock market. Lerner boasted his plan could be used to cause a new financial crisis. Lerner’s ideology prompted some conservative critics to go so far as to label him an economic terrorist.

Writing in the Washington Post on Tuesday, columnist Harold Meyerson, Vice-Chair of Democratic Socialists of America, quoted Lerner describing how a coalition of various groups are fomenting the current economic protests.

Lerner described himself as part of those groups, referring to the organizations behind the demonstrations as “we.”

Lerner told Meyerson: “It’s a confluence of planned and unplanned demonstrations…. We build on each other. We go ping-ponging back and forth.”

The Occupy Wall Street unrest first started last Sept. 17 with a protest called the “Day of Rage.”
Planners used their own website – – which told protesters to “bring your own tent.” That website is now a sister site for the Occupy Wall Street initiative.

The website is not specific about the purpose of the protests other than calling for “integrity” to be “restored to our elections.”

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The Book That Predicts Occupy Wall Street: Bruce Sterling’s ‘Distraction’

If you’re confused about the point of Occupy Wall Street, here’s a great essay by Matt Stoller.
Or you can go even deeper (and weirder) and read Distraction, Bruce Sterling’s wildly entertaining and spookily prescient 1998 satire of American society in 2044. The book begins with our protagonist, political operative Oscar Valparaiso, trying to understand a video that shows a group of seemingly uncoordinated people showing up in a town and working together to demolish a bank in just a few minutes. (Sterling was describing a political flash mob five years before the term “flash mob” was even coined.) Throughout the course of the book, Oscar comes to understand the power of social-network political action and its implications for American democracy.

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Occupy Wall Street: EXPOSED! RushCard Creator Russell Simmons Pushes Obama Admin. Tax Agenda

Here is the commercial with him in it:

Gotcha fucking liar!!

Occupy Wall Street is a JOKE...

Occupy Wall Street Was Organized From Day One by SEIU / ACORN Front - The Working Family Party

Occupy Wall Street - Fraud by Power Elite a Psyops! Watch Out Major Deception Program at PLAY

Occupy Wall Street is a liberally funded scam fraudulent charlatan freak show

CEO of a Major Asset Management Firm Supports Occupy Wall Street Protests

Source: Bloomberg

BlackRock Inc. (BLK) Chief Executive Officer Laurence D. Fink, head of the world’s largest asset manager, said he understands the concerns of protesters speaking out against financial firms in New York and other cities.
“The protesting is a statement the future is very clouded for a lot of people,” Fink, 58, said yesterday during an event in Toronto. “These are not lazy people sitting around looking for something to do. We have people losing hope and they’re going into the street, whether it’s justified or not.”

New York City police have arrested at least 700 people since the rallies began Sept. 17. Demonstrators used social media to spread the protests to cities including Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Seattle. Those drawn to the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign have used signs and chants to denounce banks and corporate influence on politics.
“People are afraid of the future,” Fink said. “We have some structural issues we have to fix.”
Labor organizations including Transport Workers Union Local 100, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s biggest union, marched alongside protesters in New York yesterday. The crowd was estimated at 10,000, said Patrick Brunner, a spokesman for Occupy Wall Street.

Demonstrators initially struggled to build momentum, drawing a fraction of the 20,000 participants that organizers such as Adbusters, a group promoting the demonstrations, aimed to lure to lower Manhattan. Instead, about 1,000 people showed up, and by the time traders and bankers returned to work two days later, the crowd had dwindled to about 200. The number of protesters camping in Zuccotti Park a few blocks from the New York Stock Exchange fell into the dozens that week.
On Sept. 24, a larger group of weekend protesters watched as a New York Police Department deputy inspector used pepper spray on some participants. The incident stoked public interest.

What is the Occupy Wall streets main demand?

10 Fake Grassroots Movements Started By Corporations To Sway Your Opinion

Grassroots movements are so powerful because they reflect the will of the people. There's no filter, and no ulterior motive: just a natural, independent effort to force change.

In the last few years, politicians and businessmen have recognized this, and have tried to harness that power by any means — even if it's fabricated.

"Astroturfing," first coined by U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas in 1985, is when companies or even individuals mask their motives by putting it under the guise of a grassroots movement.

Whether by using misinformation or literally paying people to buy their hamburgers, astroturfing is used to generate publicity and sway public opinion, all while the people orchestrating the movement act like they had nothing to do with it.

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