Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stacey Hessler is a selfish deadbeat mom

On October 28th we reported a story about a selfish cow of a woman that left her responsibilities as a mother and wife to go to New York City to play activist at occupy wall street article here. Its horriable when a man leaves his family and I will be damned if they paint this whore as a hero. She is no hero she has a responsibilty to take care of her family first and foremost. I found it ironic what i found on her Facebook wall at  where she is using a cell phone from a corporation to post on her wall
Now Network from Sprint is an evil corporation but perfect for dead beat mothers

They even put a support page for Stupid Stacey Hessler at

What a nutjob this lady is. Most of the people of Occupy are young, single people with no kids and little responsibilities. She has 4 kids, so you'd think she has some responsibility. But she chose this movement over her family, good luck wacko!It's fortunate that this deadbeat mother has a well to do banker (soon to be ex) husband to support her kids. It's one thing to be politically active, it's another to do so at the expense of your first priority, your family.

I highly encourage people to go and show your "support" for deadbeat parents. This is unforgivable for a mother to destroy her children with her absence. and what about her husband just because he works in a back to provide for his family is no fucking excuse to leave him to go protest and hook up with some one else. SHAME ON YOU STACEY HESSLER. YOU HAVE EARNED BITCH OF THE CENTURY.

she said in her interview that she was not going back home to her family.............mother of the year? I think not Her kids now know she would rather fold clothes for and hug strangers than tuck them into bed and give them a kiss goodnight

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  1. Excuse you, teaching your children to have a sense of civic duty, social justice and political advocacy is NOT being a dead beat parent. The problem with our society is too many parents are keeping their mouths shut about this shitty system our kids will inherit.