Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Is Without Power

The no-fun brigade at the FDNY took all of Occupy Wall Street's gas generators this morning, leaving them without power or heat as an especially chilly weekend approaches.
According to Mayor Bloomberg, about 30 firefighters swept the park and confiscated six generators and 13 fuel containers because they are fire hazards. They were on the lookout for open fires and stoves, which must sound pretty tempting to protesters camped out in what may be a snowy weekend. The Observer paints a bleak picture of protesters' winter-preparedness. But one protester told the New York Post: "I lived in Alaska and worked on a fishing boat—this is nothing."
We're beginning to feel like our December 10th prediction of the end of the occupation at Zuccotti Park might be a little generous. Maybe fishing dude will prove us wrong and last the winter wrapped up in a dozen sleeping bags.
[Image via AP]

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