Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ivan Marovic of 'Otpor!' addresses Occupy Wall Street

As to the speculation and mounting evidence of faux revolutionaries and professional protesters infiltrating OWS, here is one more: Ivan Marovic is a big name indeed in the Balkans. He is one of the best Soros operatives in matters social engineering of the rogue rebel uprising kind. Marovic and his group Otpor single-handedly orchestrated the overthrow of Milosevic.

Marovic and his group Otpor are known top notch Soros and CIA assets. And surprise! The group of rent-a-rebels somehow made it all the way from the Balkans to NYC to lead OWS.....

A large and well-organized group of "freedom fighters" from the Balkans chartered a plane wne went to NYC to run a part of OWS? Connect the dots yourself.

Here's Marovic in NYC leading OWS: ~Silvija Germek

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