Saturday, October 8, 2011

OccupyNewJersey Keeps Its Cool
Occupy Exchange Place
Residents wary when Wall Street protest comes to JC
by E. Assata Wright
Oct 09, 2011

Detractors have called the protesters’ demands “unfocused.”

But in recent weeks, the ongoing, 24-hour protests in New York have only grown and spawned satellite demonstrations in Washington, D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia – and right here in Jersey City. The demonstrations have now gained the support of several unions and celebrities.

About 50 to 100 protesters showed up Thursday night at the Jersey City protest. No arrests were made.

The growth of the protests, some have argued, is an indication that the demonstrators’ demands – however “unfocused” they may be – have tapped into an underlying anger many Americans feel.

The Occupy Wall Street protest outside Goldman Sachs was, according to Jersey City police, a low-key affair, unlike the Zuccotti Park demos.

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