Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don't Occupy Wall Street; End The Fed

1) ‘Occupy The Fed Now’ is a non-partisan movement dedicated to transparency and accountability in Central Banking, corporate activity, as well as government. Our foremost purpose is to fully support the utilization of the First Amendment to the Constitution and the right of any American, regardless of their economic, political, religious, or social beliefs to redress grievances publically, and peacefully, while also defending the Constitution by directing attention to the primary sources of the ongoing destruction of our country. We are NOT a counter-movement in opposition to Occupy Wall Street. While we do not agree with many of the specific conclusions or solutions presented by some Occupy Wall Street activists, we do not seek to antagonize or interfere with them. We only seek to share the vast knowledge we have collected over many years of analysis on the true nature of the financial troubles surrounding us, as well as the true culprits behind their appearance. Ultimately, we hope to make all protestors against economic corruption aware of the root source of the current fiscal crisis; the privately controlled Federal Reserve Bank, as well as the central banking authorities of many other nations around the world.

2) We reject notions promoted by the mainstream media that the Wall Street protests (and spin-offs) are driven entirely by a “socialist uprising” or “Liberal Tea Party.” Such arbitrary talking points we believe are an attempt to co-opt and divide people into false factions of “Left” and “Right.” A 99% majority of American citizens no longer have a legitimate voice let alone any tangible influence over the decisions made by government today, and that 99% includes ALL political orientations, whether conservative or liberal, independent, libertarian, etc. Over 80% of the American public, for instance, stood in vehement opposition to bailout programs initiated by the Federal Reserve which rewarded the thievery of criminal banking cartels while punishing taxpayers. Our enemy is the same no matter what “side of the aisle” we might stand. This movement must transcend preconceived notions and political ideologies and focus upon what is most important; freedom, and the truth, no matter where it may lead us.

3) Occupy The Fed Now stands in opposition to any system which relies on centralization of power into the hands of an elite few in order administer the functions of government and society to the detriment of the common citizen. This is exactly the kind of system we have today, with the Federal Reserve as the core facilitator, and it is a complete affront to the principles and laws of liberty which founded this country. Wall Street and the corporations that dwell within are merely the peripheral vestiges of a much greater problem, and any movement which targets only Wall Street, we believe, is overlooking the source of our country’s ailments. Instead of endlessly battling the external symptoms, we must counter and extinguish the disease itself.

4) We feel that because America has not lived under a true capitalist free market system (in the Adam Smith sense) for at least a century, accusations that the methodology of Capitalism is to blame for our all our current ills are unfounded. In fact, it has been the steady destruction of Capitalism and free markets since 1913 (when the Federal Reserve was founded) by the monopolies and duopolies inherent in Corporatism that has wreaked havoc upon our nation and our economy. Corporatism is inherently destructive of free markets, and is designed to remove options and competition from a system, rather than encouraging the creation of new choices and better ways of doing things. Occupy The Fed Now wishes to encourage the return of free markets and individual entrepreneurship while diminishing or completely removing the powers of the corporate system, including the protections of limited liability as well as legal categorization as “persons” that corporations have used for so long to dodge responsibility for their unlawful actions

5) Occupy The Fed Now is calling for the complete dissolution of the private Federal Reserve and the end of its domination of the creation of currency within the U.S. We oppose all monetary systems based on the spread of “fiat” (paper or digital money printed or generated out of thin air and backed by no tangible assets). Private banks and unaccountable bankers and global financiers should NEVER be given the authority to shift and manipulate our sovereign economic system at will, yet this is exactly how the Federal Reserve is run, and that is exactly what it does. All Fed accounts including its foreign transactions and holdings should be subjected to a FULL audit, and all debts that are owed to the Fed by the American government and by default the American taxpayer should be repudiated. The power to coin money must be taken away from the central bank and returned to the U.S. Treasury, as is authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

6) We believe solutions to economic crisis include the return of sound money, or money backed by tangible assets, instead of debt. Legislation which allows states and communities to have their own competing sound currencies would nurture an environment of financial choice, as well as spur a new era of business creativity. Government intrusions into the personal lives of citizens, as well as the institution of vast bureaucratic obstacles, to the advantage of corporations and to the detriment of the individual, must be eliminated. States must take back 10th Amendment reserved powers that have been worn away over the decades and reassert control over their own economies and internal politics. Globalization and centralization must be replaced with Localization backed by decentralized markets controlled by the people. Average Americans must take back their local economies and supplant corporate control by building alternative systems of trade, including barter markets, sound money networks, and local business organizations and co-ops. In order to defeat a corrupt system, we must first stop participating in that system, and then, build one of our own that services the needs of the people instead of the establishment, while working to dismantle and repeal the false, corrupt, unconstitutional fiat system.

7) Occupy The Fed Now is not a militant organization, nor a vehicle for “domestic terrorism” though government rhetoric has turned towards branding peaceful activist organizations like ours as such recently. We are not affiliated with the Republican or Democratic parties, nor will we be co-opted by either. We are “extremists” only in that we absolutely refuse to compromise on the truth. Our desire is to ensure a better future, if not for ourselves, then at least for our children. We will not rest or yield until this is accomplished. The window of opportunity to prevent outright economic and social catastrophe, we believe, is swiftly closing. We must act immediately if we hope to secure a positive outcome for our country, our Constitution, and our culture. There is no later, there is only now…

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