Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fighting Wall Street Effectively: Phase 1 How to find a credit union.

I decided to fire my first shot against the criminal banksters by closing my account with TD Bank and look for a credit union.

A credit union is owned by its customers. Customers become members who elect the board of directors in a one member, one vote system. Thus, a member with $100 in the credit union has as much voting power as a member with $1,000,000.

The board of directors are responsible for setting rate policies, hiring, and overseeing the management of the credit union. Earnings are usually returned to members in the form of higher deposit rates, lower fees, and lower loan rates.

However, I didn't realize how hard it would be to find a credit union. I thought all i had to do was walk in and sign up with cash for the deposit. Nope. This is because according to federal law you have to be a member of a credit union. And some credit unions have very strict rules on who they allow to bank with them. This is because credit unions are run by the people and not investment firms.

In order to do business with a credit union, consumers must become members. Federal law mandates that credit unions cannot do business with the general public. Membership requirements are often quite strict. For example, some credit unions will only serve employees of a certain company or government agency, some will only serve individuals who live in a certain area, other will only serve customers who belong to certain interest groups.

Don't get me wrong I am not going to give up on joining just wanted to let it be known this will take some research and determination on your part but fuck it if it was easy the New World Order would be dead already.

If you are also looking go to and use an address to search for a credit union near you.

Check the requirements of the credit union to see if you qualify to join. With this information please do not be discouraged. Do whatever you have to do to get into one and send a message to these bankers louder than anyone living in zucotti park. Fight Peacfully and effectively.

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