Friday, November 18, 2011

The OWS Protests Are Destroying This Movement DiffuseThis Now Or There Will Be Real Violence Tonight

by puff6962

Your scattered marches and protests are going to explode. So far, seven police officers have been injured......and, I know many of you have been as well.....but, your powerful opponents will seize upon the damage to property and injuries to law enforcement. Think Memphis, 1968.

You need to diffuse the scattered efforts now and focus on one site of protest/march/demonstration at a time. If you shut down subways, bridges, or streets, then you will be seen as anarchists hurting the little guys.

Whoever planned the strategy you are following right now should have their head examined.

Get smart, tomorrow protest FOX NEWS and chant "Tell the Truth" for eight hours. If you get roughed up there, it will be viewed as Fox news treating you unfairly. Your target will make your message for you.

Please, shutting down a bridge? What is this, a Berkley 1967 sit in?
Occupy the subways? Are you trying to change the world or be a vagrant?

If you want the unions and church leaders to add to your movement, then you need to diffuse this now. Your movement will die with violence.

Louie Bee Note: They must understand by there actions they are working in the hands of the elite that want to remain hidden. I have no doubt that there are black ops leading this protest to ensure they do get violent.

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