Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thomas C. Shope leader of Occupy Charlotte is a theif


We the people of Occupy Charlotte and the General Assembly thereof, wish it to be hereby known that Thomas C. Shope has been exiled from the Occupy Charlotte movement and is to no longer be used as a source for communication and/or donations. He has been separated from this organization due to his consistent and willful actions against the will of the people and the decisions of the General Assembly. Any and all communications to the media and any donations from the people that support us, are to be made and accepted by and from the members of the occupation at 600 E. Trade Street in Charlotte, NC.

This was a long meeting, and this issue was talked about until consensus was reached. There are many more statements to come on this issue and many others. On this one alone there are too many concerns to not try to get them to the public as soon as possible. This is merely one of many videos to come.We invite everyone to come be part of our ongoing conversation, the process, a true forum of the people, just one of many across the world. We will not be meek, we will not be silent. Our true voices will be heard and we will fight against any distortions that are created to manipulate public opinion against us. We are the 99%...and so are you.

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