Wednesday, October 12, 2011

OccupyJerseyCity Journal Square Gains Momentum

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Occupy Wall Street supporters announce plan for occupation of Journal Square in Jersey City to run indefinitely
By Kate Kowsh
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Following the example of the Occupy Wall Street movement, demonstrators took to the Grove Street PATH Station and later to Journal Square last night for what they said was a “general assembly” to plan their indefinite occupation of Journal Square.

Roughly 50 members of the Occupy Wall Street movement, along with members of the Jersey City Peace Movement, last night organized volunteers into teams responsible for different aspects of a long stay including medical, media, kitchen and comfort arts and crafts.

They plan to begin their latest protest in Journal Square tonight at 7 o’clock, according to Alexander, 24, a Newark-area resident who helped organize protesters both last night and last week on the Jersey City waterfront.

“We will have a lawyer coming to speak for us, and represent us,” Alexander said of tonight’s protest. “We’re really trying to influence people’s minds . . . we dream about having a world where everybody’s equal and working together. Well, let’s do it right now.”

Alexander added that he doesn’t believe the group needs permission to assemble in the public area overnight. “They’re (officers) saying that if they see sleeping bags spread out, they’re going to start arresting (demonstrators.)”

This movement is a culmination of many different groups with many different goals, said Erik-Anders Nilsson, director of the Jersey City Peace Movement.

“We have many goals,” said Nilsson. “We hope to spread the word that we have the power, we are the 99 percent.”

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